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Name:Princess Katara of the Water Tribes
I am Princess Katara of the Water Tribes. I am the true love of a curtain Fire Lord...who is not a chard monster despite what his bitch of a wife says...Mai is a whore, she killed my unborn lovechild with Zuko. I swear the Earth Kingdom is beautiful...I live with Toph while she manages her parents estate, but her story of being seperated from her true love Aang is so sad. Sokka is my lapdog, but soon I will set him up with the amnesiac Azula after giving her a makeover and sharing many lesbian-like moments with her. Its a shame Sokka and Sukki broke up but Azula is prettier anyway.

This is my story.

[[OOC: This journal was made entirely for shits and giggles. HIBY is a classic piece of badfic in comic form.]]

Interests (123):

aang, appa is a prop, azula, babies ever after, badly photoshopped turtleducks, ballrooms, bawwing, bearing zuko's babies, beauty equals goodness, being a hypocrite, being a princess, being a victim, being an unstable bitch, being pretty, being self-righteous, being selfish, being special, being the center of attention, being the heroine, being useless, being zuko's queen, bitching, biting into oranges, bloodbending mai to death, braiding azula's hair, bringing a dead azula back to life, butterflies, canon defilement, causing thunderstorms with my sad emotions, cherry blossoms, clinging to zuko, comforting azula, crying, designated heroine, drinking tea with azula, european-style balls, everyone loves me, fair ty lee, fancy ballgowns, fancy dresses, fire lord zuko, fire nation fruits, flowers, giggling with toph, giving azula makeovers, having big boobs, having huge lips, having zuko's illegitimate babies, healing, heaving bosoms, i swear it's beautiful here, iroh, it's all about me, it's always spring, karma houdini, kuzon, les yay with azula, les yay with toph, lifetime movie plots, lilith, love for aang what love for aang, mai is a whore, mai killed my baby, makeup, making big speeches, marking zuko as mine, mary sue, me me me, melodrama, momo doesn't exist, moral dissonance, moral myopia, murder the hypotenuse, my true love zuko, not kataang, not maiko, not sukka, obligatory swearing, passionate lovemaking, pining for zuko, playing matchmaker for my friends, possession sue, pretty gardens, pretty in mink, protagonist-centered morality, ranting, screaming, sex equals love, sex with zuko, sho is a monster, sitting in the garden, soap opera cliches, sokka, sokkla, sparkling teardrops, star-crossed lovers, swooning, taang, tears, the earth kingdom, the hall sapphire necklace, the memory of my dead baby, toph, true love, true love is most important, deep as before, ursa, walls of text, wangst, weeping, whining, whining a lot, whining constantly, whining more, yelling at sokka, yelling zuko's name, yue forgive me, zuko, zuko is /mine/, zuko marking me as his, zuko's my babydaddy, zuko's penis, zutara
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